Stepan Timoshin "We Are Directing Men's Fashion in Berlin"

 Stepan Timoshin, who owns a men's clothing store in Berlin, said, "We are giving direction to men's textile fashion with the sales we make from our Berlin store and online.

" Stating that they broke an e- commerce sales record, Stepan Timoshin said, “We broke a record with our sales via e-commerce during the pandemic. Due to the prohibitions, we focused more on internet sales during this period. We sell men's clothing and accessories. In addition to the textile products that we produce with our own brand, we also mediate the sales of many world brands. Our store, where casual and sportswear stands out, is among the most popular stores in Berlin. We have a large customer base including football players and celebrities ”. 

Stepan Timoshin highlighted the importance of e-commerce during the pandemic period. “With the pandemic, people started to make their shopping online. We were already selling over the internet and our infrastructure was ready. “Having our e-commerce site has been of great benefit to us”. Stating that they especially focus on casual and sportswear, Stepan Timoshin said, “We sell indispensable textile products of daily wear, including t-shirts, sports shoes, tracksuits and accessories. Especially with the corona virus, people turned more towards daily and sports wear. I think this situation will continue after the pandemic. Because you can be stylish by wearing sports and everyone understands this very well, ”he said. Stepan Timoshin, who was born in Germany on 10.01.2001, started business life at a young age and carried out successful business. “I gained great experience and experiences by starting business life at a young age,” he said.

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